Venison steaks cooking in a cast iron skillet pan
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My partner is a keen meat hunter. He hunts just about anything that is edible. Deer, ducks, pigs and rabbits are the favorites.

He is a meat hunter rather than a trophy hunter.


There are many pros for hunting food

I love that we always have free range and organic meat to cook and eat.
venison backstrap
Fresh venison meat
hunters meat cooked and sliced with creamy peppercorn sauce. Boiled potatoes and brussel sprouts on a white plate
Venison loin with green peppercorn sauce and seasonal vegetables

He is very skilled at skinning and butchering so all animals are processed here at our homestead.

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Meat meat meat!

It’s very exciting when he comes home with a wild animal and I love watching him cut the carcass into different cuts of meat and help pack it and freeze.

Butchered venison meat in two large plastic tubs
cooking venison meat
Cooking Venison meat

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A meat hunter takes good care of the meat and very little goes to waste.

We mince the off cuts and less premium cuts and we also make sausages at home. The sausage making is a team effort and a fun family activity. We also cook the heart of the dear and often use the liver too. The dogs get to enjoy the other offal and some chewing bones as well. 

Mincing deer meat using a meat grinder
Making mince
Raw venison burger between clingfilm sheets
making burgers
frying venison burgers in a skillet with rosemary
cooking homemade burgers

Pros of hunting food: Wild meat is lean, free range and organic and we can be sure that the animal had a happy, natural life and usually they die very quickly with minimal suffering involved.

I believe it’s the best, healthiest and most humane way to enjoy meat.  

Rabbit meat is tasty, versatile and good for you.

The lean, healthy white meat is rich in protein and tasty with a mild flavor that can be used in many dishes. The taste and texture is very similar to chicken, and it makes a great chicken substitute in recipes.

Rabbit meat

I know a lot of hunters and found that they all care a lot about nature and conservation. They all love being out in nature and do their best to look after it and look after the wildlife.  

They always do their best to make sure of a good, clean shot and that the animal dies quickly and pain-free. Hunters often pass on shooting an animal if this can’t be guaranteed.

Hunting for food is healthy, natural, sustainable and a great step towards becoming food self sufficient. Learn to cook all the different cuts of the animal and you can feed your family for a long time with good quality organic meat.

Ducks being plucked on a table
Plucking ducks

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Roasted wild duck
wild pig
two plates of pork pepper steak in a tomato cream sauce with boild potatoes and steamed vegetables on a white kitchen bench
Wild pork pepper steak

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