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Catch and cook fish is a great step towards becoming food self sufficient

2 trout

Fish is a healthy, high-protein food and full of Omega-3 fatty acids. An essential fats that our bodies don’t produce on their own.

Learning to catch and cook your fish is the best way to guarantee yourself fresh and locally caught fish all the time

2 trout fillets on a chopping board

Not much can beat serving up freshly caught fish or seafood for family and friends!

trout crispy skin with mash potatoes, lemon wedge and broccolini on a white plate

Try this recipe of Pan seared trout crispy skin with dill and caper gremolata at home.

It’s gluten free, healthy, easy-to-make and delicious!

I grew up fishing with my family when I was a kid so it’s a very natural activity for me to do.

It brings me outside to the waterfront.

It’s very relaxing and a great way to switch off!

Herb crusted blue cod with curried coconut sauce, boiled potatoes and steamed bok choi on a white plate. Garnished with a sprig of coriander

If I’m lucky, I come home with a feed as well.

My recipe of baked herb crusted cod with fresh herbs is quick and easy to prepare.

Our kids like fishing too. There are so many adventures for them to explore by the river or beach and they get excited to eat the catch afterwards. A great family day out! 

Flounder on a rocky beach and a fishing rod next to it
Two kids sitting on a log on a rocky beach next to a river

You can find essential fishing gear here

Fishing rod and reel combo
slow sinking fishing lures
Saltwater resistant fishing tools

When fishing for food. A fish filleting knife is essential

Fillet knife and bait knife, German stainless steel blade
Fishing fillet knife combo set
Japanese stainless steel filleting and boning knife for fish

Tackle bags comes in different shapes and sizes. Find the best tackle bag for your fishing gear

Kastking fishing tackle bag
Kastking bait boss fishing tackle back pack with rod holders
Plano A-series tackle bags premium tackle organization

Collecting Shellfish

Collecting mussels or clams from the beach is another highlight and so easy to do.

Mussel bed on a rock in the sea
picking shellfish from the beach

No gear or skills required. Just an exploring mind and a bucket.

Fresh wild mussels in a bowl

Read my full seafood harvest guide here

Mussels cooked in curry, coconut cream and lime. Served with rice. Half a lime and chopped coriander on top

My wild mussels in curry, coconut and lime is an easy and delicious recipe to try

It’s very easy for the kids to get stuck in too. The catch limit per person is good and it makes it definitely worthwhile. At the right spots you are almost guaranteed a good feed, which makes it fun for all of us.  

Hosing down fresh clams in a large net
De shelling clams. A oven tray with steamed clams, a white bowl with clam meat, a beer in a glass and a clear bowl . A chopping board with cut herbs in the background

clam fritters, ranch dip, tomato, avocado and lettuce on the side and two lemon edges on top

Check out my delicious clam fritters with ranch dressing recipe for a for a light seafood meal

Good Waders keeps you dry and comfortable so you can be in the outdoors longer and catch more fish. Fishing waders are great for floundering, fly fishing, collecting shellfish, white baiting and more. Find the best fishing waders for you

TIDEWE Boot foot chest wader men and women
Simms Freestone Waterproof Stockingfoot Chest Fishing Waders
TIDEWE chest waders, camo with 600g insulation


Diving and spearfishing are something I only got into over the last few years and to be honest don’t do it as much as I would like.

With young kids it’s a bit harder to get away as they are too young to dive them self or look after themselves on the beach.

However, it’s one of my favorite things to do and a real treat when we do get away. The time just flies when I’m under water. Such an awesome adventure and great way to catch fish to eat.

5 Freshly chucked paua
sliced paua on a chopping board

I have found a few diving spots that I like and know well. I’m almost certain to come home with a catch of Paua (abalone) every time.

Sauteed sliced paua with cherry tomatoes
Paua sauteed with cherry tomatoes and steamed broccoli served on top of spaghetthi

See my Sauted Paua with garlic, white wine and cherry tomatoes recipe

Spearfishing requires more skills and it’s fair to say my skills are lacking. When I do spear a fish though it’s very exciting and a real treat to cook up the catch. 

Two white plates with cooked crayfish on a kitchen bench
freshly caught crayfish

These quick dry water shoes are handy when fishing for food. Suitable for the beach and on the boat. Both men and women

Quick-dry ,slip-on aqua sock men, woman
Men, women water shoes quick-dry

A good cooler/chilli bin to cool your catch down quickly is essential for any type of fishing

Coleman 48 quart cooler
Yeti Tundra 45 cooler
Coho cooler bag

Spring is the whitebait season in New Zealand. We make the most of it and go out a lot during the short season.

The kids enjoy spending a day by the river too. There is so much to do and explore while waiting for the fish to swim into the net.

Basic equipment and plenty of patience is what you need to catch whitebait. It is something anyone can learn to do

boat by the river
the whitebait net is set
Whitebait is a great food source.

Healthy, quick to prepare and since they are most often eaten in an egg mix it’s also a filling, satisfying lunch. They also freeze well which makes them the perfect catch. If we are lucky enough to catch a lot it can easily be sold or bartered. 

Whitebait is healthy and quick to prepare. Fritters and crispy fried are my favorite ways to cook them.

whitebait fritters and crispy fried whitebait, two lemon wedges on a white plate

Do research and find out what fishing is available near where you live and have a go at catching fish and eating it yourself. Cooking up and eating your catch is very satisfying and the best, healthiest and most sustainable way to eat and enjoy fish and seafood.

You might also like my pages about hunting for food and home grown food. You can read about my food journey and how to be self sufficient here

Pan fried scarlette wrasse with xo sauce, steamed rice and asian greens in a blue bowl plate

Try my Scarlet Wrasse in xo sauce at home. I’m sure you love it!

Pan fried scarlet wrasse are quick and easy to cook and this recipe with xo sauce and spring onions served with steamed rice is my favorite way to eat it.

Crumbed fish with nettles is a great hunter gatherer meal using your own caught fish and wild stinging nettles.

A healthy, comforting and delicious dinner!

Golden brown crumbed fish fillets served on top of creamed nettles. Boiled potatoes and lemon wedges on the side. All on a white plate
Each season has something fresh and exiting to offer.

Read about the different seasons below, what they bring and how I cook and eat self sufficient food all your around. It’s very simple and without expensive set up costs or equipment’s.

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