Bacon and egg pie

Made with free ranged eggs from my laying hens
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An old classic bacon and egg pie that always works well for lunch.

All my favorite brunch ingredients wrapped up in a crisp, buttery pastry.

This recipe for bacon and egg pie is easy to make at home . It’s packed with flavor and simple ingredients.

Fresh eggs from the farm are the most likely main ingredient for lunch at my place.

bacon and egg pie slice on a plate. The rest of the pie is on a chopping board in the background

Free range eggs are such a good protein. Easy to prepare, healthy, versatile and filling.

This tasty bacon and egg pie can be eaten warm or cold which makes it great to put in the lunch box or packed for a pic nic.

The secret to a good pie is to use only the best ingredients.

Only use free range eggs and bacon as they are are superior to the products that are not.

You’ll never find fresher eggs then if you raise your own hens. Hens with a natural diet and total free-range access lay the tastiest and healthiest eggs there is.

7 eggs on straw in a laying box
The ultimate Bacon and egg pie are a classic with crispy bacon, eggs, cheese and flaky puff pastry! Perfect for breakfast or lunch!

There are many amazing variations possible when it comes to making a bacon and egg pie. I like mine with smokey bacon, free range eggs, cheese, tomato and spinach. Other recipes have just bacon and eggs in them and other recipes with anything from relish, onion, to peas!

That’s the great thing with a pie. Just put your favorite filling inside and you cant go wrong.

Bacon and egg Pie makes amazing leftovers.

I always make extra and put it in lunch boxes the next day. Freezing bacon and egg pie is fine too. Best to freeze the pie whole as suppose to individual cut portions.

6 chickens roaming and scrathing around in a paddock

Raising hens for eggs is very rewarding. I can be sure that I am cooking and eating real free ranged, fresh and most natural eggs. Read more about raising hens here.

You can find a recipe for puff pastry here or you can buy frozen sheets in most supermarkets


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Bacon and egg pie

This bacon and egg pie with puff pastry requires a lot of eggs. A perfect dish to make when the hens have been laying well and you have an excess of eggs

7 eggs on straw in a laying box

Prep Time 30 mins Cook Time 45 mins Rest Time 10 mins Total Time 1 hr 25 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 8 Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


bacon and egg pie recipe


  1. Bacon egg pie
    • Line the pie tin with a pastry sheet. Fork the base.
    • Fry bacon until crispy.
    • Once the bacon is cool cut into pieces and scatter half at the base, then scatter with spinach and herbs, then tomatoes.
    • Crack the eggs on top evenly spaced.
    • With a sharp knife slit the egg yolks on top and let the yolk just slowly seep out.
    • Scatter with the rest of the bacon then the cheese on top.
    • Put another sheet of pastry on top. Squeeze the edges together.
    • Brush the top with egg yolk. Cut a few holes in the pastry lid with a sharp small knife 
    • Bake 160C for about 45 minutes or until the pie is cooked. 
    6 chickens roaming and scrathing around in a paddock


See my page about raising animals for food

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  1. A perfect brunch for lazy Sundays!

  2. I don’t have the space for my own hens, but I do have an excellent market. Market eggs are the best. What a great idea!

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