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I started my self sufficient food lifestyle 6 years ago and never looked back. I can’t see myself living any other way now. It’s the most natural and satisfying way to cook and eat. Read more about my food journey here.

The best way to guarantee yourself good food every day is to learn how to grow, gather, raise animals ,fish, hunt and cook it yourself.

Uncooked Lamb shoulder sprinkled with herbs in a roasting tray. 5 garlic heads and 2 rosemary sprigs in front of it

Here on our homestead in Southland, New Zealand we eat seasonally using the freshest most natural ingredients.

I’m a qualified chef and passionate about good food and the best thing about self reliance food is all the amazing organic and free ranged ingredients that we get to cook with and eat everyday.

5 Freshly chucked paua
4 punnets of fresh oyster mushrooms

It’s a busy lifestyle and a lot of work but it sure pays off! I want to share as much information as possible about what I do, cook and eat using this blog as a platform.

I will show you what we do to be almost entirely food self sufficient.

With the right planning and good ways of storing and preserving homegrown food for the off season. I have enough of my own food to eat all year around. Here I will show you my self sustainable food, what I cook and my recipes. Its a good way to get the best health benefits and nutrition value out of our food.

Being in charge of our food supply and where our food comes from is very rewarding.

Each season has something fresh and exiting to bring.

Read about the different seasons below, what they bring and how I cook and eat self sufficient food all your around. It’s very simple and without expensive set up costs or equipment’s.

Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter

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