Nettles Soup

Nettles are rich in vitamins and antioxidant. It has a spinach like flavor with a delightful tang to it
Nettle soup with egg halves on top and drizzle os olive oil pinit

A fresh, simple and light dish. This nettles soup is quick to make and has just a few ingredients.

It’s a delightful green soup full of flavor and goodness. Made with wild nettles, onion, celery, potatoes, stock and cream

This is my grand mothers delicious nettles soup recipe. She liked foraging and gathering wild food. This is one of many hunter gatherer recipes I remember her making for us when I was a kid.

It taste Similar to spinach soup but with a special twist. My grand mother served her nettles soup with hard boiled egg halves or slices of ham and Crisp bread on the side. Its a great combination and that’s how I love serving my soup as well.

These sunflower seed crisp bread are excellent with this soup and very easy to make.

fluffy focaccia bread and cheese and onion rolls are also great served on the side of this soup

Nettles for food

There are plenty of stinging nettles in my paddocks in spring and summer that can be made into delicious soups.

I love using stinging nettles in my cooking. They are tasty and have many health benefits so it’s worth making the effort.

Wild stinging nettles growing

cooked stinging nettles. Leaves picked from the stalks. Cooked leaves in a glass bowl and stalks on a chopping board

cooking stinging nettles

Stinging nettles should be cooked for 2-3 minutes in boiling water and refreshed in cold water. After that you can touch them and consume them safely.

Pick the nettle leaves from the stalks and discard the stalks.

Once blanched the stinging nettles can be frozen if you wish.

Stinging nettles have a mild earthy flavor similar to spinach but with a slight tang and peppery hint to it.

Stinging nettle is a common weed. The stems and leaves contain hairs that burn or irritate your skin when brushed against.

Picking nettles for soup

To gather wild greens like stinging nettles and adding it to your diet can be very beneficial. You can be sure the nettles are organic and nutritious. The young leaves near the top of the summer nettles plant are best to cut and prepare. Use gardening gloves and scissors to cut the stalks and avoid touching the plant with your bare skin when picking nettles.

Going outside to gather food is awesome! Wild, nutritious, organic ingredients available for anyone to pick and prepare a meal with.

It’s the most natural, healthy and sustainable way to get ingredients and prepare food.

Read more about gather wild food here. You might also like to try my recipe for strawberry tree jam


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Nettles Soup

A rich creamy nettle soup that always satisfies. Serve with hard boiled eggs for a complete farmhouse style meal.

Prep Time 20 mins Cook Time 1 hr Total Time 1 hr 20 mins Difficulty: Intermediate Servings: 6


nettle soup recipe


  1. cream of nettle soup
    • stinging nettles cooking in a pot of waterCook onion, celery and thyme leaves in butter until soft and fragrant.
    • Add potatoes, bay leaves and enough stock to cover it all plus a bit extra. 
    • Blanch the nettles in boiling water for 1-2 minute then drain and refresh it in cold water.
    • Pick the nettle leaves of the stalks
    • Once the potatoes are soft add the cooked nettles and cream.
    • Cook for another minute then add a good size knob of butter and blend it smooth. 
    • Serve with hard boiled egg slices or ham pieces in the soup
    cooked stinging nettles. Leaves picked from the stalks. Cooked leaves in a glass bowl and stalks on a chopping board
  2. cream of nettle soup blended in a saucepan with a stick blender


See my page about gather wild food here


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  1. Judith says:

    I’ve never tried cooking nettles but I love green leafy veg and this recipe looks good. Looking forward to trying it.

  2. Love that you are carrying on your grandmothers tradition of preparing this soup. Gathering your own ingredients is something wonderful to do.

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